Ask Pilar: Assisted Living is Home

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My 107-year old great aunt just passed away. For most of her adult life, she lived with my aunt and uncle. At 97, my great aunt moved into one of the assisted living facilities I managing in Tampa. At first, my family was unsure she would transition well into her new home. Not only did she transition well into her new environment, she blossomed.

While many seniors still prefer the comfort of their own homes over moving to an assisted living community, this decision may not be the best option. Unfortunately, most people consider life in assisted living a sentence where they go to die. They do not realize that in an assisted living, there are healthier and safer options to living in their house/apartment which include such things as dining, healthcare services to socialization.

My great aunt took advantage of all the options available to her at her new home. She had a private apartment, customized care and a community of friends and staff that became like family. I am glad I was able to make a difference in her life, but also in the life of my family.


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