A Letter from Innovation Senior Management’s Founder & CEO, Pilar Carvajal (Feb 8)

February 8, 2021

Dear resident, families, resident representatives and staff,

The vaccine is a game changer. Sure, it may not be perfect, the rollout of the vaccine has been rocky, healthcare workers have been skeptical (or not) about getting it. But vaccinations for those aged 75+ is taking off and with that will come significant drops in

hospitalizations and COVID deaths in the next 30 to 60 days as vaccinations for that population come to an end.

So can you still transmit the Coronavirus if you’ve been vaccinated? There are very promising signs. Evidence is emerging that both Moderna and Pfizer prevent people from getting ill. We have not won the battle against COVID. We still have to deal with variants, COVID fatigue, people who do not trust big pharma and the relaxation of social distancing. But if we are to significantly reduce death by getting shots in arms for the
tens of millions who are most susceptible to this disease, our outlook looks promising.

Warm Regards,

Pilar Carvajal, CEO & Founder

1688 Meridian Avenue Suite 700
Miami Beach, Fl 33139
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