A Letter from Innovation Senior Management’s Founder & CEO, Pilar Carvajal (Sep 16)

September 16th, 2020

Dear Residents and Families,

At Governor DeSantis’ direction, the Florida Division of Emergency Management has issued an emergency order to lift visitation restrictions in Nursing Homes, Assisted Living
Facilities and Other Long-Term Care Facilities. The Emergency Order requires all visitors to wear PPE pursuant to the most recent CDC guidelines. Per the Emergency Order, to accept general visitors, the facility must meet the following:

● No new facility-onset of resident COVID-19 cases within 14 days other than in a
dedicated wing or unit that accepts COVID-19 cases from the community;
● If a staff member tests positive for COVID-19, the facility must immediately cease all indoor and outdoor visitation in the event that staff person was in the facility in the 10 days prior to the positive test;
● Sufficient staff to support management of visitors;
● Adequate PPE for facility staff;
● Adequate cleaning and disinfecting supplies; and
● Adequate capacity at referral hospitals for the facility.

The emergency order requires the facilities to develop policies and procedures that ensure the continued safety of the community and its residents. In order to visit the community,
we will require you to call your community and schedule a visit once the requirements of the visitation are completed. These include for the visitor:

● A negative COVID-test completed within 72 hours of the visit
● Completion of infection control training (provided by the community)
● Surgical masks to be worn during the visit
● Social distancing of six feet has to be maintained at all times
● Handwashing prior to and after the visit are required.
● The scheduling of the visit as per the facility policies and procedures
● Signatures on the acknowledgement provided by the communities
● Disinfection of area of visitation prior to visit and afterwards.

Please contact your community directly to schedule your visits. We look forward to seeing you again.

Warm Regards,

Pilar Carvajal, CEO & Founder
Innovation Senior Living
1688 Meridian Avenue Suite 700
Miami Beach, Fl 33139