Innovation Senior Living buys Wellington property

Article From: Palm Beach Florida Weekly

Innovation Senior Living has bought Wellington Elder Care, making this the third property under its ownership and management. The new acquisition is part of the company’s five-year plan to add 12 to 15 properties to its growing portfolio.

The community, purchased for $10 million, will be renamed The Club at Wellington.

“Wellington Elder Care, now The Club at Wellington, is an excellent community that is stable, well-run, and centrally located in the state of Florida,” Pilar Carvajal, CEO and founder of Innovation Senior Living, said in a statement. “These elements make it a perfect addition to our communities as we continue to grow and serve residents in need of a quality, middle-income option.”

Under Innovation Senior Living’s management, the families at The Club at Wellington can expect improved communication and healthcare delivery through state-of-the-art technology. This will include electronic health records that provide more accurate monitoring and treatment. Innovation Senior Living also partners with Genesis Rehab — a leading provider of physical therapy, speech therapy, respiratory therapy and other treatments for older adults —for onsite therapy. Additionally, Innovation Senior Living will also assign a new leadership team experienced in meeting and exceeding resident needs and state requirements for licensing and operation.
The Club at Wellington has 10,845 square feet of living space and 26 bedrooms, suitable for 42 residents. For more information, visit

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