Taking Care of Senior Living Staff During Covid-19

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At Innovation Senior Living, we understand that it’s the people behind the business that make a company great. So, we hire individuals who are energetic and take pride in their work. We approach our work proactively and positively to maintain an open environment where gratitude, communication, and accountability are encouraged.

We know that every employee has their own way of dealing with hard times and stress—everyone is different and those differences should be acknowledged. However, sometimes employees need a helping hand from their employer to stay engaged with their work and to avoid burnout.

Connection and Recognition

Consistent recognition has an immense impact on staff morale and happiness. The easiest way to look after staff during Covid-19 is to connect with them. Their efforts should be public and recognized by management and other staff. It doesn’t have to be a big moment to be celebrated. Right now, small gestures, like doing something special for a resident or another staff member, is enough to earn recognition because that staff member is setting aside their own problems for a moment to focus on others.

Check In. Never Check Out.

Being selfless during Covid-19 is great and helps shift focus onto more constructive outlets, but it’s also important to prioritize your physical, mental, and social-emotional health. Practicing self-care, both at work and outside of work, is essential to stopping burnout and Covid fatigue. Here are a couple of ways you can look after yourself:

  • Practice self-monitoring to see where you are mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  • Consult with your co-worker and supervisors regularly.
  • Take brief stress and relaxation breaks
  • Focus on things that are within your power
  • Accept the things you cannot change
  • Honor your service. Remind yourself that your work is important and you are valuable.


Working during a global pandemic isn’t an easy task. Not only are people being affected by changes in their workplace, but in their day-to-day lives, causing spillover into both spaces. Companies across the senior living industry are devising creative ways to help staff deal with these changes. At Innovation Senior Living, we place an emphasis on family and on preserving a healthy work/life balance.

Check out our website for more information on how we’re handling the Covid-19 virus with updates from our Founder and CEO, Pilar Carvajal.

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